The strength of AI empowers tens of millions sales jobs


TUNGEE is a professional intelligent sales solution provider, devoting to help enterprises fully improve sales efficiency with big data and AI technology.

Tungee was established in 2016. By continuously exploring and analyzing the whole information network, Tungee has constructed the all-round galaxy that covers 100 million enterprises on the internet. On this basis, it provides a comprehensive intelligent sales solution for 2B enterprises from leads mining, business opportunity engagement, customer relationship management to order analysis by combining AI technologies, such as NLP and machine learning algorithm. It also helps 2B enterprises solve the sales problems they face in identifying, contacting and managing customers, so that enterprises may efficiently gain accurate sales leads, reduce the customer acquisition cost and further improve the sales efficiency and performance.

Tungee, as the pioneer of the Chinese intelligent sales field, has served more than 3,000 enterprise customers, such as Alibaba, China Mobile, and Focus Media. Meanwhile, Tungee has also obtained the investment from tier-one capitals, including Alibaba and Qiming Venture Partners.

Success in creating effective AI, could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization.

—— Stephen William Hawking

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