Tungee Galaxy

Over 100 million enterprises, Over 10,000 dimensions. It provides all the enterprise data and relationships you need.


All-round Galaxy

Through its strong data collection and processing capability, Tungee has completed the collection and monitoring of thousands of data sources,
conducted data cooperation with multiple data channels, constructed the Galaxy with over 100 million enterprises and over 10,000 dimensions that meets various business demands.

What TUNGEE®Galaxy can do for you?

Obtain basic data

Tungee Galaxy arranges various kinds of public information of enterprises and
enables you to easily access various enterprise data through standard Web, API and document delivery form.

Complementation of customer data

Tungee Galaxy helps 2B enterprises to complement the missing business dimension data
of existing customers, so as to improve the use rate and accuracy rate of customer data.

Customization of industry data

Tungee Galaxy supports you to customize and explore the in-depth data of specific industries according to
your business demands, and further supports enterprises to make scientific data decision-making.

Evaluation of enterprise customers

Provide review for enterprise application and settlement, conduct quantitative evaluation of the growth index of enterprise suppliers,
customers and distributors, and meanwhile support the self-defined evaluation mode by industry.

Learn about Galaxy’s so awesomeness and comprehensiveness

The strict data control system enables you to use the galaxy data.

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