Connect the telephone and make telemarketing effective

Tungee Cloud-based Call Center not only serves the traditional call center functions, but also helps optimize the outbound calls and data through big data and AI, in addition, it also helps sales personnel achieve effective communication.

Combine multiple routes to easily connect customers

Hardware phone

Support the outbound call by connecting the hardware phone and self-owned telephone card of enterprises. The system is flexible and stable, without the need of extra application for lines.

Cloud telephone

The outbound call can be realized by connecting the headset without any hardware, thus greatly reducing the enterprise cost of call center deployment.

Connect the self-owned routes of enterprises

Connect the self-owned routes of enterprises with SIP, and realize seamless switch through Tungee Cloud-based Call Center.

Flexible and highly efficient outbound call method

One-key outbound call

The global dial plate of the system may realize easy outbound call at any time, thus saving the time for outbound call.

Line switch

The dial plate supports the flexible switch of the outbound call without the need to change the equipment, thus making the outbound call of the sales personnel more efficient.

Inbound call pop-up

It automatically gives reminder when customers call, thus enabling the sales personnel not to miss any customer and better keep track of customers.

AI fully improves the engagement efficiency

Number recommendation

Intelligently evaluate the quality of contact information on the basis of a large amount of big data, thus realizing accurate recommendation and helping improve the efficiency rate of outbound call.

Intelligent matching

The outbound call number is automatically matched with the enterprise information within the database, so that sales personnel may be familiar with customers' conditions and avoid blind dialing.

Voice translation

Accurately convert the communication content of sales personnel into texts, and distinguish sales personnel from customers, thus easily realizing script review.

Data statistics make management simpler

Save records

Save all the sales call records to ensure all the communication records are traceable, and digitalize enterprises' sales assets.

Call statistics

Recording the outbound call, including call duration and call completing rate of each sales person, easily controls the sales process.

Data analysis

Present various indexes of historical outbound call data with diagrams to easily trace any change in tendency.

It is integrated into Tungee Intelligent Sales Cloud Platform,
thus realizing easy access with one key

Say goodbye to the information silo within the enterprise. A set of system finishes the complete closed loop from leads discovery to engagement management.

Customers do not have to buy and deploy the independent calling system, email marketing and short message marketing system.
It greatly reduces the informationization cost of enterprises and improves operation efficiency.

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