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Intelligent customer relationship management

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Optimize relationship with customers and increase enterprise revenue

Tungee CRM helps you realize full life cycle management of customers, and enables sales personnel to better know about customer demands.
Carry out customer interaction activities and close more deals.

Say goodbye to Excel
Fully realize sales automation from leads to winning the order
Realize the full-cycle intelligent customer relationship management of "leads - customer - business opportunity - contract - payment collection" through Tungee CRM, easily realize salesforce automation, say goodbye to Excel and make the work of sales personnel more efficient.

360 degree panoramic portrait of customers

Turn customer relationship into enterprise assets

Centralizes around the customer, one page gathers all the customer information, including customer property, customer tag, important KP information and historical follow-up record, the process of which is traceable, so that sales personnel may easily recognize high-value customers and turn customer relationship into enterprise assets.

Full-channel AI access ability
Make customer contact more efficient
Tungee CRM integrates multiple channel abilities, including intelligent call, cloud-based call center, short message and email. It supports one-key connection to customers and completely records the access content, thus making sales personnel connect customers in a more efficient and convenient way.

User-defined business, visualized report

Improve sales efficiency through data insight

Support the flexible customization of business process, realize the visualization of the sales process through various data reports and enable you to fully master the sales conditions. Realize the intelligent rating and recommendation of leads and customers through AI, and improve sales efficiency through data insight.

Realize seamless connection to Tungee Outbound Leads
and easily realize intelligent cultivation

Tungee CRM can realize seamless connection with Tungee Outbound Leads, so as to keep improving the quality
sales leads and promoting the high-speed circulation of enterprises' sales pipeline.

It also conducts intelligent rating and sequencing, as well as intelligent cultivation of customers in the pipeline
by combining the internal follow-up data of CRM on the basis of Tungee Galaxy.

Multiple application scenarios suitable for enterprise sales management

Intelligent complementation

Complement the detailed business information for the typed-in leads or customers.

Intelligent scoring

Conduct intelligent scoring and sequencing of leads and customers using AI, and make you focus on the best customers.

Performance prediction

Predict the enterprise performance on the basis of the previous order data and help realize scientific estimation.

Leads management

Support the leads import with multiple modes and automatically track the full life cycle development of leads.

Customer management

Support the self-defined customer property and conduct trace and management of full life cycle period.

Business opportunity management

Conduct standard management of customers' potential sales opportunity and improve the follow-up efficiency and closing rate.

Contract management

Support the uploading of the contracts and improve the collaboration efficiency.

Payment collection management

Support the addition of payment collection plan and record, master the payment collection state in real time and remind sales personnel to chase for payment.

Contact management

Create the enterprise-level address book and easily accumulate all the customer relationships.

Management of duplication checking

Supports the duplication checking of customers by setting multiple duplication checking dimensions and combining duplication checking conditions.

Billing management

Effectively manage the contract invoicing conditions and make financial invoicing easier.

Work backlog

Support the creation of backlog matters, and timely remind sales personnel to follow up important customers and information.

Follow-up record

Completely record all the follow-up conditions of customers, and easily track the history of customer follow-up.

Performance target

Set the performance objectives according to the company, department and individual, and track the performance completion conditions in real time.

Sales pipeline

The sales pipeline analyzes the transformation of various stages of business opportunities and scientifically predicts the sales performance.

Data analysis

Multiple reports analyze the sales process and sales performance in an all-round manner.

More reasons for choosing Tungee CRM

SaaS is readily available

Cloud-based sales product.

Without on-premise installation.

Multi-end data synchronization

Data synchronization of multi-platform customers.

Enjoy mobile sales at any time and place.

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We offer the comprehensive training services and technical support to solve your problems.

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