It’s much easier to engage the customers

Tungee Engage integrates multiple access abilities and enables sales personnel to finish the full-channel access of customers within a system. It also helps sales personnel realize effective communication through AI technology.

Bring brand-new customer access experience to you

Integrate the full-channel access matrix
Efficiently contact customers with multiple methods

Tungee Engage integrates multiple access channels, including intelligent calling, hardware outbound calling, cloud calling (no hardware required), message and email. Sales personnel may flexibly select the access methods, freely switch to multiple systems without buying them, and contact customers in a more efficient manner.

Identify quality data using big data and AI
Comprehensively improve the accuracy rate of sales engagement

Based on its own data and AI middle office, Tungee Engage evaluates the contact information on the official website, accurately analyzes and recognizes the number calling intention, makes sales get rid of various invalid access and comprehensively improves the access accuracy rate.

Digitalization of the engagement process
All the communication records are completely recorded and preserved

Tungee Engage will keep the communication records of all the sales personnel and customers, and support the voice transcription of all the call contents, thus realizing the full digitalization of the access process, making it easy for enterprises to conduct intelligent quality inspection of voice, and further improve the communication skills of sales personnel.

Complete report form statistics
Objective, real, improve the sales performance

The statistics of sales call volume, email open rate and arrival rate of short message can be checked in real time. The call volume, length, ranking and transformation rate are clear. Customers may understand the transformation rate of the marketing activity and the saturation of sales work at any time, so as to improve the marketing and sales ability of the team.

It is integrated into Tungee Intelligent Sales Cloud Platform,
thus realizing easy access with one key

Say goodbye to the information silo within the enterprise. A set of system finishes the complete closed loop from leads discovery to engagement management.

Customers do not have to buy and deploy the independent calling system, email marketing and short message marketing system.
It greatly reduces the informationization cost of enterprises and improves operation efficiency.

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