Tungee Inbound Leads

The full-channel and full-scenario intelligent reception assistant of visitors


Gather customers in full channels to improve sales transformation

Access customers' contacts in full channels and full scenarios, realize the intelligent reception of visitors
through the powerful AI technology and do not miss any consultation and business opportunity.

Serve customers in full channels and full scenarios

Get through multiple communication channels, such as website, WAP and WeChat, fully cover the contact points between customers and you, gather multiple communication modes in one worktable and significantly improve the presale communication efficiency.

Full-dimension presentation of visitor information

Present multi-dimensional information of visitors on one page, help understand visitor features and behavior trace, rapidly locate potential business opportunities and improve sales transformation and service quality.

Intelligent reception of visitors on the basis of AI

Based on Tungee dialogue robot, help enterprises realize automatic communication, efficiently finish the information collection of potential business opportunities, provide continuous services all year round and do not miss any business opportunity.

Intelligent allocation of visitors improves friendliness

Support the visitor reception allocation rules with flexible designations, and allocate the regular customers to the business personnel who received them last time, so as to help enterprises improve the communication friendliness and make customers feel at home.

Mobile customer service
Do not miss any business opportunity

When the agent is not online, the robot automatically receives the customer and reminds the pre-sales personnel of the customer visit in real time through the mobile terminal. The pre-sale personnel may take over the dialogue through Tungee APP at any time and realize seamless reception.

Support business management with the multi-dimensional data reports

Get through the full-link data from the official website to order, thus presenting the transformation state clearly; Through the whole-process data reports, all the dialogue contents are clear, thus easily quantizing the business analysis ability.

It is integrated into Tungee Intelligent Sales Cloud Platform,
thus easily finishing the visitor cultivation and follow-up

Through Tungee Engage and Tungee CRM, enterprises may easily finish the whole-process follow-up management and
transformation analysis of visitors from the official website to order. Realize the full-channel convergence management
of enterprise leads, create the unified leads resource center and remove the data silo within the enterprise.

More reasons for choosing Tungee Inbound Leads

SaaS is readily available

Cloud-based sales product.
Without on-premise installation.

Multi-end data synchronization

Data synchronization of multi-platform customers. Enjoy mobile sales at any time and place.

Complete services

Product functions that are continuously updated.
And the complete customer success system.

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