Easily realize the intellectualization of enterprise sales

Through big data and AI, Tungee has constructed a comprehensive intelligent sales cloud platform for 2B enterprises from leads mining, business opportunity engagement to customer relationship management, to improve the sales efficiency.

Tungee Outbound Leads
2B sales leads search platform

Based on the all-round Galaxy, Tungee Outbound Leads helps customers explore a large number of accurate and valuable sales leads, and helps enterprises fully improve the customer acquisition efficiency.

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Tungee Engage
Full-channel AI access matrix accelerates customers' deal making

Tungee Engage integrates multiple access abilities and enables sales personnel to finish the full-channel access of customers within the system. It also helps sales personnel realize effective communication through AI technology.

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Through CRM
Intelligent customer relationship management

Tungee CRM helps you realize full lifecycle management of customers, enable sales personnel to better understand customer demands and facilitate customer interaction.

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Tungee Intelligent Sales Cloud Platform links business data within the closed loop

Through big data and AI, Tungee helps enterprises improve the accuracy and efficiency in each key node of sales leads' processing, gradually enhances the value of sales leads, and finally provides high-quality sales leads for sales personnel and thus significantly improves the sales efficiency.

Tungee products are interconnected, realizing seamless connection

Import potential customers with a press of button from Tungee Outbound Leads and obtain batch access through Tungee Engage in a seamless way. Utilize the customer management function of CRM to realize the subsequent follow-up and order of customers, reduce sales cost, realize synchronous information follow-up, break the information silo and accomplish the sales closed-loop.

Tungee Intelligent Sales Cloud Platform may help you

Enjoy Tungee Intelligent Sales Cloud Platform at any time and place

The multi-platform helps you rapidly finish the access and follow-up of sales leads, and access mobile office at any time and place.


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